Check out our carefully created box of handmade items from artist all over the world.

Live the free spirited bohemian life one month at a time with our Lifestyle Box, offering beautiful handmade bohemian items varying from home decor pieces, clothing, jewelry and other accessories, and self care items. Each item chosen to compliment multiple aspects of your life! This box ships on the 14th of each month!

Dabble a bit, with our Sampler Box, where you can receive sample sized self-care items. jewelry and accessories. This box ships on  the 14th of every month!

Check out our new Moon Phase Box,  Receive your first box in time to celebrate the months upcoming full and new moon. Depending on when you order you can experience our full moon kit or our new moon kit. After that you will receive a month of uniquely curated moon items handmade by artisans promoting positive and cleansing energy. This box ships 2-3 days before the new moon phase.

Experience Artisan Self-Care. Our Self-Care Box features a mixture of sample and full size skin care products that are handmade with no unnatural chemicals. This box ships on the 14th of each month!

SHOP LOCAL! When you subscribe to our subscription boxes, our shop our online stores you are supporting small local economies all over the world.  Our products are often made in small batches  From Joe in his small studios  to family ran companies to young women artisans, to localized market places where the locals come to show off their hidden gems!

Month to Month

Your subscription renews each month! We ship on different dates to guarantee your receive your products in time for the moon phase! All new subscribers will receive our intro kit their first month and the following month would be a variety of artisan moon phase skincare and accessories items!

3 Month Prepay

Your subcription renews in 3 months! Enjoy 3 months of our awesome Moon Child Box. The first month you will receive either or New Moon or Full Moon Intro Kit. After which you will receive a variety of artisan made moon phase skin care products and accessories.

6 Month Prepay

Subscribe to 6 months of the Moon Child Box! We ship each box out right in time for that months moon ritual, starting off with our intro kit you will then receive a box filled with uniquely made moon phase products to enhance the cleansing and positive energy flow of the moon phases.

12 Month Prepay

Purchase all 12 months of the Moon Child Box. First month you receive your intro kit, followed by uniquely made artisan skin care and moon phase accessories increasing the positive energy of your moon ritual.